Deborah English

Thursday, May 3, 2012



Design Leadership in Food Retail

In The Duncan Anderson Design Department Gallery at California State University, Long Beach

Deborah talks about emerging retail food trends and how she and her company design to engage retail consumer experiences. She also talks about the career path she has taken showing her projects and talking about the DLE design process.

Before launching her own firm she established herself in retail as Vice President of Store Design and Construction for Bristol Farms Markets and Wherehouse Entertainment where she was responsible for all aspects of store design & construction from initial strategic planning & design to final construction. With over 20 years in retail design she has overseen all aspects of project development – from strategic planning, through store construction and visual display.

D L English Design was founded in 1996 as an innovative retail design firm with a focus on research-based design and implementation. Experts at niche market design, they create a wide range of store types, from ethnic to natural food communities. They are known for discovering next-level design solutions that are fresh and authentic. Searching the world for inspiration, they use that inspiration to create locally-tailored community stores.

They specialize in food retail and specialty retail; and their passion is in creating intuitive, authentic spaces that embed themselves in the psyche of the shopper through retail branding & design, architectural interiors, and environmental graphics.

Major clients include Whole Foods Markets, Bristol Farms, Schnucks, Trader Joes, and TransWorld Entertainment (FYE stores, and other brands). Key services include Shopper Marketing Solutions, Brand Development, Space Planning & Programming, Lighting Design, Architectural Interior Design, Decor Design, Graphics & Signage, Bidding & Fabrication Coordination.

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