Anna Shaw – Smart Design

Thursday, April 19, 2012



Stand For Something: Thinking About Brands Across The Full User Experience

In The Duncan Anderson Design Department Gallery at CSULB

If there is ONE thing that ALL brands must do, it is to stand for something and be their authentic selves …and then figure out what that means uniquely for their brand and the way they engage people.

People’s relationships with brands are changing. Thought leaders are declaring, “People don’t trust brands”, “Brands are dead” or “Brands have no control”. These mantras are their way of trying to deal with the new dynamics of an information-led, service-driven economy and communities that are demanding increasingly personal connections. But while these arguments are true for some, they are not true for all. Because it is not about directing the attention elsewhere, it is about adding attention elsewhere. It’s about working across touch points to create a holistic ecosystem around your brand that is authentic and engaging.

We’ll look at innovative brand experiences from top-down to bottom-up development, from big brands to niche experiences, along with special topics such as re-thinking retail, sustainability for the masses, and open-source design and communication. And, through it all, extrapolate how to infuse brand thinking into designing product experiences.

Anna Shaw is energized by the connections between people, brand, sustainability, digital experiences and gender. As the Director of Brand Communication in Smart Design’s San Francisco office, she creates compelling, resonant brand experiences that truly work for people. She has spent over 13 years developing and extending brand experiences across myriad markets and touch-points including identities, design language systems, packaging and onscreen platforms for clients such as Logitech, Hitachi, Adiri, LG, and and HP. Whatever the medium, she focuses on visionary expressions that connect with people while firmly delivering on brand strategy.

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