Sept 26 – Christian Schluender


Thursday, September 26th, 7:00 – 9:30pm

Frog Design

In The Duncan Anderson Design Department Gallery at California State University, Long Beach

Christian Schluender, VP of Frog Design, will talk about rapid design  and targeted processes that result in identifying meaningful solutions.  Students and Professionals will  use these methods and compete in a Design-A –Thon to creat a user experience!

Based on the principles of a hack-a-thon, this Design-A –Thon evening will include a hands-on competition to identify and articulate unique and meaningful solutions. This is not a brainstorming session, but rather a team based rapid and targeted identification of unseen and unmet user needs which will be pushed to identify meaningful solutions. This is not a normal “listen to a speaker” event; but rather a user participation event. You will get to participate, and present! Groups will be broken out to identify a need within the scope, discover the system and user needs, design a solution to meet and enrich those needs, and finally present the experience to the audience.  From modern dance to monochromatic flashcards, and everything in between, we will help groups organize a very short and concise presentation to share with all.

This evening will show the power of a team working quick and smart; how staying on target with the right tools will create amazing design and user experience solutions. Designing for a richer experience in community and private will take many forms, some ubiquitous and completely intangible, others so tangible that they will fit into your pocket. I will share some tools and examples; we will work with the teams to stay on course and we will all be impressed (if not entertained) by what can be solved in a matter of a few hours.

Christian studied ID at CSULB and completed his MBA at Pepperdine University. He started his career working as an industrial designer on projects designing and developing diverse and innovative solutions through to production engineering and market delivery.

 In 2003, Christian joined frog as Creative Director, Industrial Design based in San Francisco. In 2005 Christian moved to the role of General Manager; as GM, he was responsible for not only the world-class quality of the design delivery but also running profitable businesses in two studios.

As Vice President, in 2007 Christian shifted his focus to develop organic growth globally for frog. Christian has applied the approach and values of the creative process to not only deliver meaningful design solutions for clients, but also to run the business of design; he is responsible for Operations and IT worldwide supporting over 500 employees across 9 frog studios.

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