Lynne Bruning


Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Lynne Bruning


Adventures with the Integration of Technology and Textiles

In The Duncan Anderson Design Department Gallery at California State University, Long Beach

Please join us for an exploratory evening of soft circuits, wearable computing and eTextiles. Lynne discusses recent designs, developments and debates concerning this growing industry of interactive textile design. She recently conducted workshops at Tasmeem Doha, Qatar sharing ideas of cross cultural interactive design, hybrid making and the global open source movement. A strong supporter of hackerspaces, Lynne is sure to have a story about her experiences participating with these local communities while on her global travels.

Lynne Bruning is the creatrix of exclusive wearable art, eTextiles and adaptive technologies. Fusing together her BA in neurophysiology from Smith College, Masters in Architecture from the University of Colorado and her family history in textiles, Lynne jets thru the universe creatively cross-pollinating the worlds of science, textiles, fashion and technology. She hosts global workshops and produces How-To videos on electronic textiles which infect fiber artists, electrical engineers and computer hacks with the love of wearable computing and spawn local eTextile groups. Her innovative award winning designs will inspire and challenge you to see beyond the fabric and into today’s technologically complex surface designs.

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