In Memory of Nohemi Gonzalez

Our Industrial Design family has been dealt a painful blow.

Yesterday, one of our very own was ripped away from us in a senseless act of insanity.

Nohemi was my student.

And she was very special.

She was someone I knew very well and worked with every day for the last three years.

Creative, funny, crazy, warm and wonderful.

Involved at every level, she touched all our hearts and minds as a student, classmate and shop assistant.

She survived lower division, portfolio review, and the elevator pitch. She was now a senior and sprinting towards the finish line.

She was so full of promise and well on her way to a successful career and a wonderful life.

I was very proud of her.

She and three other Industrial Design students were off on a great adventure to study at Strate University in Paris.

We all encouraged them to go.

I am having trouble processing the odds that she would be, along with our other students, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

That such promising energy, on such a wonderful adventure, could end this way.

Associate Professor Dave Teubner
Industrial Design

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