Daniel Ballou

Dan Ballou

Thursday, May 7th, 7:00 – 9:45 pm

Pointless Projects

In The Design Department Lecture Hall Room DESN 112 at California State University, Long Beach
6241 East University Drive, Long Beach, CA 90815
Park in the Foundation Lot across from the Design Department main entrance – $5

Daniel Ballou lives in Long Beach and grew up immersed in Southern California culture; i.e. skateboarding, playing music and hanging out in parking lots. He founded Dashdot, a design consulting studio, in 2007. Since then, he and the Dashdot team have been operating in a range of industries including consumer electronics, housewares and beauty. He has received Red Dot, IDEA, and Good Design awards.

Occasionally working on personal projects with no client in mind, and with no real end goal, provides me with the freedom and space to simply enjoy the act of design. As it happens, I usually learn something, or meet someone along the way that furthers our work at the studio. Sometimes my “pointless” designs end up being licensed and making money, or getting good publicity, but that’s not the point. The point is to keep it pointless and explore. I’ll talk about some of these projects and why they’ve been so valuable to me.

Some of the projects, pointless or not, can be seen at www.danielballou.com



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