RKS Sessions – Copyright, Patents and Trademarks


Tuesday, October 7th, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

RKS Sessions: Protect Your Innovation: Copyright, Patents and Trademarks

Hosted at Cross Campus, the leading collaborative, on-demand work space and business event venue in Los Angeles.

Did you know that intellectual property (IP) can represent over 90% of your company’s value? On October 7th, you’re invited to the fourth RKS Session with veteran IP attorney, Dan Dooley. Dooley will shed light on the often confusing world of IP covering trade secrets, copyright, trademarks and patents for businesses. Following his presentation Dooley will be joined by his client Matthew Joynes, CEO of the innovative gaming peripheral company Wikipad, to give advice from an entrepreneurial perspective.

RKS Sessions brings together luminaries and ideas focused on cutting edge user-experience, brand, service and product design. A monthly design-centric event series, it is jointly produced by RKS and Cross Campus. RKS Sessions is also a forum for the design community to share their ideas. Participation and questions by the attendees is both welcomed and encouraged.

Don’t forget to register for this event, here. Use the code “RKSCC100” for a free ticket for you or a friend.


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