IDSA Western District Conference

Designer as Entrepreneur

April 12 – 13

Hilton Long Beach & Executive Meeting Center
701 West Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA  90831-3102

Never before in history has the industrial designer had more diverse, powerful and accessible tools to become an entrepreneur. Diverse platforms like crowdfunding and new manufacturing technologies offer countless new avenues for designers to also be producers and manufacturers. As large corporations crumble and fall, sprouts of disruptive innovators grow out of the debris. Designers, by their own creative nature, are best suited to step into the lead.

Now is the time to look creatively into your own hands and find new ways to design, to work and to take advantage of the new entrepreneurial opportunities. What has changed? How should we adapt? What opportunity does the future hold?

We will explore how industrial designers are becoming entrepreneurs in innovative and exciting ways and hear from creative and inspiring individuals who are initiating companies large and small. Whether they are starting their own design consultancy or manufacturing their own products, the opportunities and possibilities are wide open. And, you will benefit from their experience as they share their successful methods as well as their failures.

Enjoy exceptional networking opportunities to connect with the Western US design community. Share your portfolio with heads of design firms, or come to see the finest talent coming out of the Western ID schools. The sessions will be powerful, inspiring and fun. And, don’t forget to join us for the parties and great nights out in Long Beach.

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