Klemm & Lentz

Thursday, November 8th, 7:00 – 9:30pm

Designing the Cycling Experience

In the Duncan Anderson Design Department Gallery at California State University, Long Beach

Erik Klemm and Daniel Lentz present an overall look at the design and development of bicycle and component design – the history and makeup of Giant Bicycle, the largest manufacturer of bikes in the world, and how our culture plays into our process.

Erik Klemm has been with Giant Bicycle for over 5 years. Originally from the east coast, he previously worked at consultancies focusing on consumer, medical, and commercial products. His love for cycling brought him into bicycle industry. While at Giant, he has designed many award and race winning products in all segments: mountain, lifestyle, road, and gear. Currently, he is design manager for all Road bikes that Giant produces.

Daniel Lentz: also hails from the east coast where he previously worked in the housewares industry. His intimate knowledge of mechanics and ergonomics led to many successful products for Cuisinart, Target, and KitchenAid. The intrigue of cycling and California brought him west where he has been for over 2 years. Danny is currently the Lead Designer for all component development at Giant.

For nearly four decades, Giant has been devoted to bicycles and cycling. At Giant, the two-wheeler is more than just a machine; it’s an integral component of society, a friend and a way to explore the boundaries of your world. Combine this passion with ultra-advanced manufacturing and design and the result is some of the world’s finest bicycles.

Take their carbon technology for example. Giant offers 3 levels of composite frame technologies: Advanced SL Grade, Advanced Composite Grade, and Composite Grade. Each is carefully designed to offer maximum performance, whether it’s on an entry-level road bike or a full-on race bike.

Giant was also one of the first manufacturers to mass-produce aluminum bicycles. Building upon a 34-year manufacturing history, Giant continues to bring the most advanced techniques to its aluminum frame building process.

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2 Responses to Klemm & Lentz

  1. Dice says:

    Just a note-the IDSA email has confusing dates listed for the Giant Bike presentation. Nov 15 in the intro and 11/8 in the body. I am assuming that it is indeed the 8th and will plan accordingly.

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