Digital Fabrication with Furniture Making

May 22&23,  9am-6pm  (two-day workshop) 

Ilan Dei Studio
2100 Zeno Place
Venice, CA 90291

The class is an introduction into Digital Fabrication using furniture making as an example. Exploring a classic chair design as part of the curriculum the workshop will cover the steps of precision modeling for fabrication, nesting for CNC cutting, and techniques of cutting chair parts out using custom jigs. The software used will be Rhino, RhinoCAM, Partworks, and ShopBot Control Software.

The two-day course is geared towards people who want to learn more about Digital Fabrication Processes from design to production. Using the classic chair design as an example that covers a multitude of processes in digital fabrication each participant will learn the key steps about using digital fabrication to create highly complex parts in short runs. With digital fabrication tools becoming affordable to everyday hobbyists the world of construction and fabrication both on a personal and professional level is changing. This workshop is intended to introduce the participants to all of the stages of digital processes and hopefully inspire people to further pursue what is possible with digital tools.

Day 1:  Precision modeling for fabrication.
Precision modeling of the classic chair design
Modeling for Milling – curves, surfaces, and complex surfaces
Taking the 3D model to 2D for nesting
Properly nesting all the parts
Exporting toolpaths

Day 2: Machine set up, jigging and cutting
Set up Machines
Set up Jigs
Cutting each part
Finishing and post processing with CNC

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of Rhino (enough to create basic 2D line drawings and simple 3D objects).
Cost: $450

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