Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Regional Conference

The 7th Annual California State University Long Beach HFES Student Chapter Conference will be held on March 3rd from 9AM – 3PM.

Free to all who are interested. Please register by February 29th.

The CSULB HFES Regional Conference is a local forum for the exchange of ideas in all areas of human factors as well as an opportunity to meet students in the MS Human Factors Psychology Program at Cal State Long Beach and surrounding schools.

Invited speakers address a wide range of human factors issues of interest to practitioners, researchers, and students and in the field of human factors. This year’s speakers will include:

Mark Conger, Project Management Professional, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

“Enhancing Multi-tasking Ability Through Action Video Games”  and  “How to make money from games – Mark Conger’s career”

As college graduates begin the transition into the workforce many will choose occupations that require a high degree of multi-tasking. Mark will present on a foundational study conducted to assess how video games can be leveraged as a training tool to improve operator performance. Mark will also talk briefly about his career and how he managed to incorporate video games into Northrop Grumman projects.

Jason Yow, Playtest & Game Analysis Manager, Disney Interactive Media

“Video Games and Human Factors: Things that go great together”

Games User Research (GUR) involves analyzing pre-beta versions of games in order to determine whether users are able to understand the game’s controls, objectives, and HUD. Jason will discuss the process his team has created and some of the challenges they have faced in adapting to Disney.

Mark Pestana, NASA Research Pilot, NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center.

“Flying NASA Unmanned Aircraft: A Pilot’s Perspective”

Mark will discuss his experiences piloting UASs with NASA, covering topics such as human-machine interface issues, how UASs are redefining the roles of pilot and ATC, and potential difficulties with bringing UASs into the National Airspace.

Register by Wednesday February 29th!

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