Innovation Consumer Electronics Showcase

Innovation’s spring 2012 showcase will feature innovative and unique consumer electronic designs. This is not a competition; all qualifying submissions will be published. Please designate concepts and student work as such.

The submission deadline is Feb. 10. Submitting is easy—simply email the following to :

  • Project name
  • Design firm
  • Client (if any)
  • Web or email address to be published (one only)
  • Provocative statement of no more than 15 words related to the concept (not a product description)
  • Image: 300 dpi, cmyk, 5×7″ (minimum—larger is better), tiff preferred, white backgrounds preferred (large files can be sent
  • Credit card information for $450 (card number, expiration date, security code and name of cardholder)
  • Contact information for submitter (including full address)

Don’t be left out of what is sure to be a must-read Innovation, guest edited by Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA. Please contact Karen Berube, managing editor, at or 703.860.4411, with any questions or if you need to call in your credit card information.

Innovation Consumer Electronics Showcase.

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