Western District Conference Recap

The air is so clean it Denver it took almost the entire three days of the conference to get my LA lungs acclimated.
The WDC this year was great fun here are a few highlights.

1. Battle of the rendering software: Bunkspeed Hypershot, a favorite among students, is no longer being sold. Although the company Bunkspeed is still around. Their new still image renderer has changed simply to “Shot” and is going through beta testing right now. Hypershot’s core software is now being sold under the name “Keyshot” and they were both exhibiting at the WDC this year. It is too soon to declare a winner but the sample shots from both look amazing.

2. The food and student work at AI: On Saturday the whole group was treated to a wonderful reception at the Art Institute’s Culinary Arts School. It was full of good things to eat and student work to discuss.

3. The Curtis Hotel: A great choice for the conference. The Curtis is full of wonderful designery details and every floor was themed (although I am sad I didn’t get the Simpsons floor).

4. The Merit Scholarship Presentations: The student work was inspiring and motivational.

5. Keynote by Tad Toulis of Teague: Making a Scene. Tad’s talk about the proximity and interconnectedness of creative people and tools was enough to make you reconsider where you work.

-Tim Hemesath
IDSA CSULB Student Chair 2009-2010

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